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What is so special about this new iPhone?

New iPhone released! This is the most exciting moment for all iPhone lovers, everyone of them will be changing their old iPhone to the new no matter what, but do you know what is so special about this new iPhone?

Here are some quick new features of the new iPhone :-

  1. Facial recognition - the future is here, no more lengthy weird passwords to remember, your own face is the key to access your gadgets.
  2. No Home button - well, I am not sure if it is really a feature, but certainly a thing that stand out from the crowd, make me look and feel better of course, and that is priceless.
  3. 5.8 OLED display - bigger to show off, and that is cool, right? another reason for the upgrade.

Hmmm...maybe it is time to change my old mobile phone..

Perhaps you will feel the same too! Technology changes in lightning speed, we might not be the top few, but certainly won't want to be the one that is left behind, do you agree  ?


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