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WooHoo! it's Holiday!

Exshausted? need a break? everybody needs a holiday, there are times where we just want to stop doing everything, grab the luggage, hop on a plane and let the plane fly us to some place we have never been before, like a beach, not cold, with people we don't know and nobody knows us.

Perfect beaches far far away from home :-

  1. La Digue Seychelles  - Never heard of it? yeah, everything here is totall different from home, you'll wake up in a totally strange place, a strange bed, seeing strange people on the street and eating food you have never tasted before, perfect for a total escape.
  2. Bora Bora Beach, Philippines - This is popular spot with lots of tourist, but this place is so so so beautiful and it will make you feel like you are in heaven, totally forgotten about everything else.
  3. Kuta Beach, Bali - People heard of it a lot, but not many have been there, when you are here, you will noticed everything moves so slowly, like time is frozen, a place to discover the inner you that has been long hidden deep inside.

Listen to your heart, you hear anything?

Battery needs to be recharged and that goes the same to you and me, perhaps it is time for a long due adventure.


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